• In the Studio.
  • Belgium Street Location.
  • On Location with Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • Me and Cinematographer Jean Francois Robin and Director Dominic Deruddere
  • Duet with Cecile Cassell.
  • Sound Crew on Jadoo.

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What is 2 + 5 ?


This is the Manxmoviesound Production Sound Mixers Cart.

Manufactured to order this cart is the only tubular cart that is made in the UK.

There are a host of options available including extra shelves for recorders & laptops, Boom Parks and Brolly Holders, Led Mixer lights, Monitor mountings and Radio mic aerial masts plus mixer break out boxes and power units for battery charging and power distribution.

The carts are usually built within 14 days from ordering.

Prices start at £900 (Ex Works) + carriage and Vat.


If you need something smaller to carry your bag for process/low loader shots we have this Bag Cart based on a Magliner sack cart. Will accept most of the options that are available on our big cart. A typical cart fitted with Boom Park, Aerial Mast, and Mixer light is £700 (Ex-Works) +carriage and Vat.



We import from the Far East the only Sound Blankets available in the Uk.

These are quilted blankets 80 inches x 72 inches and weigh 6lbs.


Also available are some American hanging clips.


A pack of 4 is £10.

E-mail us for full details

Sound Blanket update!

We have come to an arrangement with a new shipping company and whilst the cost of bringing the blankets in has increased  from three years ago we believe that the small increase in cost means that they still represent good value.

Remember we are the UK's only importer

Also imported from China are a range of Friction Arms which are based on the "Noga" type arms along with a selection of accessories to complement the arms. The arms come in two sizes 7 inch and 11 inch